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Abacus Web

In metaphorical terms, Abacus Web functions much as a front of theatre and back stage operation. Obviously, the front of theatre is the design - the bit that should ‘wow’ the customer. It is the performer who works hard to get the result, entertaining the audience, or in our case, getting the customer into the store.

What about backstage, then? This is all that goes on behind closed doors, so to speak. The backstage elements may not have the same glamour as front of house, but this is where the magic really happens. Our backstage is a secret link, with employees enabled access via a username and a password.

Once backstage, you can:

Abacus Intranet

We all know that furniture retail, whether you are a one-branch outfit or operate more than one division, can be a logistical nightmare. That is why we love our intranet bolt-on! It offers you the ability to monitor and manage the following areas:

Abacus Image Bank

File share programs, such as Drop Box, are helpful to a point but we all know that there are clear limitations. Our own program, Abacus Image Bank, will allow the sharing and distribution of images in a far more efficient and organised manner. Just another way in which we are able to keep both financial and time costs down.

Abacus Site Share

Don’t say it too fast! We realized quickly that having a mechanism for connecting our websites would be an excellent tool. Site Share enables us to share products quickly between sites, thereby reducing work load for all concerned. Leaving you time to focus on the business of selling furniture and driving profit upwards - your website will take care of itself!.
Abacus Money Tree
Currently a work in progress, but soon to be launched, is our latest addition - Abacus Money Tree. This is our personalized system to handle Point Of Sale. Abacus Money Tree POS will enable you to login to an online page for your business and:
Sounds good? It is. We have covered all basis - our sites work both for retailer and consumer, without the hefty price-tag you’d expect.
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  • E. Barker & Son (Hillsboro) Limited
  • Reg. Office: 39 Burton Street, SHEFFIELD, S6 2HH
  • Reg No: 254789
  • VAT No: 172 4086 69