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21 Reasons we can help you.

1. Content

Many furniture websites have an enticing looking home page and then, predictably, fail to deliver on content. Vitally, 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on the home page- we understand that whilst the home page has to serve a crucial purpose, it is not the end of the story. The rest of the site must also be of the same high standard.

Google drives traffic to sites simply because Google have determined that the content of that site is fresh and has depth- not because a site has pretty looking text and images that have failed to be updated in 6 months! We need to think like a consumer. Typically, we understand that customers will look specifically:
  • For a sideboard that is only 90cm wide… in light oak
  • For a specifically styled sofa that a neighbour has…they want one too
  • Once Coronation Street has ended, pickup the iPad AND select a product of the right style, size and price fitting their requirements exactly
  • To ensure that, before they bother to travel any distance at all, they can determine that your selection is worth the price of petrol
We will help you deliver this content to the customer in an efficient and financially viable way. Our websites are built to be populated quickly and easily.

2. Three-In-One

We aren’t a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ type of outfit- we go better than that. Once images, prices and sizes have been added, you then have access to three tailored features:
  • A web page for the product
  • A price ticket
  • A store branded brochure
Clearly, you will save both time and money with Abacus- three outputs generated from one set of information!

3. Fast Return on Investment

Our site design targets furniture retail. We know and understand the world of furniture retail. This being the case, once your site is up, running and established, we are certain you will see a pleasing and fast return on your investment. Despite the fact that many other sites are far less well developed, we charge a highly competitive price and will prove to be a highly cost-effective option. However, we cannot promise that our prices will remain at this level for long as the on-going investment in website development continues to grow. Now is a good time to buy before the price invariably rises.

4. eCommerce Control

As they say, 'The World Is Your Lobster' with Abacus Solutions! Opinions as to the efficacy of eCommerce for furniture retailers tends to vary and your site will be tailored to suit your approach and thinking. With our websites, eCommerce can be initiated just on specifically selected profitable lines, for every item on your site or for just one, individual product! The choice is yours!

5. After Launch Support

After launch, you can either pay a nominal hosting amount- virtually unheard of with this kind of site- or, alternatively, for a very reasonable fee, we can assist you in a whole host of areas. Whatever you need, we will do our upmost to provide.

Click here to read all about it or contact us to discuss further options.

6. More Than A Website

Because we work in furniture, we have tried to build in functions that help us do more than you'd expect from any old website! Functions such as:.
  • A 'Models Due List', with images, due date, etc - all in date order. We all know that the logistics of furniture retail can be a minefield- this will help you manage stock and deliveries.
  • ‘Enquiry List' which builds a list of all online enquiries that customers submit. Again, you can manage your customer base effectively.
  • The ability to email your customer a webpage letter, expand text campaigns and drive website traffic with this out-of-the-box solution.
  • The Email Database Builder – this feature will harvest all email address provided by customers, all ready for mailing!

7. Easy Admin

Our websites are ‘sales person driven’. Our concept is for the least IT competent person in the business to be able to use the website, meaning that these are sites that everyone can work with and refresh. Your site will not be out-dated if every member of your team can work with it effectively.

8. Blog

One way of keeping content fresh for customers is by running a blog. Included for no extra charge with our websites is a blog which can be easily edited in the website Admin Panel.

9. Always Improving

We have a vested interest in improving our websites - we have one as well! Therefore, we are committed to finding new ways to improve and to drive more traffic to our sites and then, logically, into the accompanying stores.

10. Edit Edit Edit

Before we undertook our coding pilgrimage, we found the add-on charges administered by website designers, for even the most miniscule of alterations, massively frustrating. Our dual role both as website builders and furniture retailers, means that we want to be able to help rather than over-charge.

Therefore, with our site you can:
  • Edit the smallest details on your site, such as the opening times. Other web designers usually incorporate a stealth charge for doing this.
  • Edit all info pages – our company history is being written as we speak. Again, at no extra charge.
  • Change banners.
  • Change page text.
  • Obviously, make changes to product details, images and prices.
  • ....and more.
Our core aim is always about providing a service and a site that we have been searching for ourselves- not to hit our customers with unforeseen expenses.

11. Lists Lists Lists

We love lists! Especially when it comes to creating websites that feature:
  • Transaction Lists - for all eCommerce sales.
  • Sales discount lists
  • Supplier Lists…
  • Etc, Etc- the list really does go on!
Seriously, though, our list generators are a real asset in terms of refining systems and keeping track.
A great mechanism for improving efficiency without an unviable time investment.

12. Advanced Search

We all know how easy it is to fall victim of search functions. 'Sofas' instead of 'Settees', or 'G Plan' instead of 'GPlan', can throw them and hinder the steady flow of traffic through to your site. We have gone to great pains to build in systems specifically designed to counter these issues and ensure that there is maximum flow through to your webpages.

13. Embedded Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool for analysing and reviewing the efficiency and effectiveness of your website. Your Google Analytics are embedded into the website Admin Panel so that you can quickly and easily check your web performance. Not only that, a great deal of thought has gone into the formatting of the analytics and we feel that we have visualised the most useful data to illustrate the performance of your website.
  • We have chosen to focus on giving you quick and easy to access to data recorded around the days and times at which your site has been accessed by users, therefore showing when hits are at their peak and where those visitors are actually located.
  • We have also targeted data around landing and exit pages, useful in terms of seeing which pages are encouraging greater flow through your site.
  • Information on your ‘shopping cart’ is also included in the Analytics Panel so you can access data on how many visitors continue to make a purchase or abandon that cart.
  • There is also information available on a wealth of profiles, including: the gender of your site users, their age, the devices used to browse, statistics on the number of new and returning visitors and the duration of time spent on your site.
  • Importantly, we have also given you easy access to your ‘bounce rates’ so that you can analyse the potential barriers to traffic through your site.

We have found this information invaluable and are sure you will too.

14. Swatch Builder

Again, being both furniture retailers and computer coders has paid off! The swatch builder we have designed and coded enables you to make, for instance, a G Plan swatch with comparative ease. Our research has found that there are websites out there, with hefty £30K price tags, that have inextricably linked the swatch and the product. Therefore, if you have such a site, then you have to build the entire G Plan swatch for every single product- potentially you are building a swatch with 150 covers 20 times! Not with us!

We have worked through the hard way, improving and refining, to make everyone’s life easier – including our own!

15. Finance Calculator

If you want to bang the finance drum, we can help! Our Admin Panel ‘drop down menu’ includes a monthly finance option, which displays how much the product is, by month, on the product page. Simply select the number of months by which you wish to calculate the finance, for example, 6 or 12, enter in a deposit and the calculator will reduce by that deposit, then calculating the re-payments. Also added will be the accompanying ‘small print’ detailing the deposit and the payments. Another handy time saving feature!

16. Geographical Shopping Cart

You control the rules to the shopping cart:
  • Free within 50-miles?
  • £100 on orders under £500 when the distance is over 75-miles?
  • Only deliver to Hampshire and Dorset??
The choice is yours! Talk it through amongst yourselves and decide what inclusions suit you best. Couldn’t be better!

17. Price Calculator

Ever thought it takes forever to price-up a website? Not anymore! Not with our ‘Price Calculator’ feature- a time and lifesaving inclusion if ever there was one…

Put in the costs (or RRP) and your mark-up. The ‘Price Calculator’ does the rest. Out-of-sale prices and the sale prices... are then calculated automatically for you. If you encounter any discrepancies, NOT A PROBLEM! Simply overwrite that one individual price! Simple!!!

18. Promotional Switch

We have learnt the hard way through bitter personal experience with this one… The last website we bought in 2010, for £10k, only had one price column. It was only when we had started pricing up that the penny dropped; what happens when our then current sale was over? Answer- we found ourselves having to overwrite every single price. The result? After just two months, the pricing on the website was in complete chaos and, frankly, and never recovered.

One of the first things we did when we built our website was built in an ‘out-of-sale’ and also, you’ve guessed it, a ‘sale’ price. Therefore, well before the sale even starts, prices are correct and ready to go.

After we had done this, we realised that going into every single product to throw the sale switch was hugely time consuming. So, we put our thinking caps back on and built a function that switched all the prices at once. We have been through the pain barrier here - so that you don’t have to!

Just last night, the eve of our sale, I opened the Admin Panel on my mobile phone and switched all the prices! Job done.

19. Pooling Ideas

Here at Abacus, we love the fact that we get to work with other retailers, finding a rare opportunity to pool ideas and improve aspects of all our businesses. Through working closely with other retailers, collaborating and refining, our site- and the services we offer- has improved massively and continues to do so. We all benefit when we work together. In addition, should you take up the option to use us for your website maintenance, we can continue to upload all our new features to your site and continue to make what we already have, better still.

20. TV Banners

Live TV
Another great feature of an Abacus website is the ability to display a series of image banners, designed both to inform and engage in-store visitors, via in-store televisions connected to the internet.

These are easily configured and managed through the Administration area of the website.

You might, for example, have a screen displaying opening times, juxtaposed with images of new ranges that you have in the showroom. An easy and clever mechanism for enticing real time visitors towards further browsing and making that crucial purchase.

This aspect works particularly well when displaying special offers or clearance items that you wish to clear from the shop floor.

21. Here If You Need Us

We want to design your website.
We want to understand your commercial needs.
We want to work with you, collaborating to ensure that you are given the most efficient website we can provide.
We want to give you the support you need to make your website fly - and in turn really make a difference to the success of your business.

Put simply, we want to hear from you!

E. Barker & Son (Hillsboro) Limited Reg. Office: 39 Burton Street, SHEFFIELD, S6 2HH Reg No: 254789 VAT No: 172 4086 69
  • E. Barker & Son (Hillsboro) Limited
  • Reg. Office: 39 Burton Street, SHEFFIELD, S6 2HH
  • Reg No: 254789
  • VAT No: 172 4086 69