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Clienteling? Is that even a word?
It certainly is! If, as an independent retailer, you think that Clienteling is something that is beyond your capacity, let Abacus Solutions explore a few simple ways in which you too could begin to really understand the demands of your customers.
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What even is “Clienteling’?

A fairly new phenomenon, ‘Clienteling’ is an approach used by retailers to establish- and sustain- effective consumer relationships. Put simply, it is the idea of using data, built up from on-line services, to gain insights into consumer preferences and behaviours which is then managed by retailers in order to influence future consumer behaviour. This is commonly achieved through using data gained from shopping baskets or maybe ‘wish lists’.

Why bother?

The main benefit for the customer is that they feel they are the recipient of a tailored service- we all like the idea of a ‘personal’ approach and clienteling certainly allows for that. From a retail angle, the advantages are many-fold: improved customer relationships; targeted marketing opportunities; greater opportunities for repeat custom…

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How can ‘Clienteling’ work for you?

This is all well and good but you may well be already aware that specially tailored ‘clienteling’ software currently available comes with a hefty price tag: is there an alternative? Thankfully, the answer is yes! Google Analytics is not bolt-on software yet still provides information on a whole host of browsing information such as: age and gender profiles; time and duration of browsing; devices used; geographical location of browsers…Without paying an extortionate fee, you will access and build up a reasonably accurate profile of your browsers, allowing for more efficient marketing.

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