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Don’t know your Omni-Channel from your elbow? Let Abacus Solutions fill in the gaps and ensure your website really works for you!
As an independent furniture retailer, understanding just a little about how the ‘Omni-Channel’ phenomenon works will allow you to make your on-line presence much more profitable. Take a look at how other companies are making 'Omni-Channel' work for them and then browse our list of hints and tips for your business....
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So, what the heck even is ‘Omni-Channel Marketing’?

Basically, it revolves around the idea of a fully integrated and seamless shopping experience, in which desktop and mobile sites, social media and the ‘bricks and mortar’ store are all interwoven and connected, ensuring that all the different channels used work together and are aligned. Regardless of media, there is a shared purpose and objective and ALL aspects of the retailer are working together to drive that objective forwards.

As you have probably guessed, the monster multi-nationals are clearly storming their way forwards when it comes to this 'Omni-Channel' concept. Disney, for example, are the real experts. Their glossy website, mobile and desktop friendly, leads to further sites and apps that will allow you take care of any aspect of your Disney requirements: plan your trip; book ride or event tickets; generate your photo album with a photo pass; check out dining availability…the list goes on! Everything is designed with the consumer in mind and the ease of use that consumer needs in order to allow them, from a purely cynical point of view, to access information and then to part with hard-earned cash.
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This is all very well for the likes of Disney- but what about us independents??

  1. Use an in-store i-pad to provide customer info and plug your website.
  2. Use your site to generate hard copies of brochures, handouts and in-store literature.
  3. Install an in-store TV, linked to your website, that provides a simple but effective backdrop.
  4. Ensure maximum traffic through your site by ensuring it is mobile friendly.
  5. Aim for site manageability- can your staff keep price and product information up to date efficiently?

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